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                                                                        360 Degree Panorama of interior of St. Hugh of Lincoln Church

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A “ Lourdes grotto” was first built by Fr. Butler in the late 1930s and a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes has overlooked the church grounds from the same spot ever since. It is a popular focus of devotion for Muslims as well as Catholics

The statue of St Hugh of Lincoln originally stood in the old church. It was presented to the parish in 1962 in memory of Miss Grace Diskin, who took care of sacramental preparation for St Hugh’s children for over thirty years when the parish had no school.

No-one knows where the baptismal font originally used in the old church came from. In recent years it has been restored by Fr Anthony Myers as a small fountain which plays during mass-times.

The tiny statue of Our Lady of Walsingham is almost as old as St Hugh’s parish itself. It was brought back from a pilgrimage by the Union of Catholic Mothers and was the focus of their weekly Rosary gathering for seventy years.

The small statue of St Joseph and the Child Jesus is placed between the Memorial Window and the Remembrance Book because St Joseph is the patron of a happy death.  Its beautifully carved stand matches the Paschal Candle stand, and both date from the earliest years of the old church.

The statue of The Risen Christ, high above the sanctuary at St Hugh’s, was bought in memory of John Blyth, who, in 1929, single-handedly gathered a petition to Bishop Hugh Singleton for a church to be built in West Timperley .


The Foundation Stone of St Hugh’s new church, laid on Sunday 24th May 1981 . All kinds of drawings and messages from the parish children are hidden in a chamber underneath.



The dark iroko-wood statue of Our Lady in the “lady chapel” was chosen for the new church from the workshop of Andre Lacombe in Lourdes during a parish pilgrimage.


  The Dedication Stone of the new church (The first Mass was celebrated on Sunday 13th December 1981).



The present church of St Hugh of Lincoln (opened in 1981).

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St John the Baptist’s church in Timperley (closed in June 2009).

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Statue of St John the Baptist in its niche above the main door of St John ’s church in Timperley.


John Baptist de Lugo carved this Madonna and Child, which formerly stood in St John’s church but is now placed in the chapel.

Chapel of St John the Baptist (formerly the presbytery).