Altrincham Pastoral Area (LPA 15)(Website)



(Local Pastoral Area 15)  

On 1st October 2007 the Diocese of Shrewsbury reorganised its pastoral structure. The former deaneries were replaced by smaller Local Pastoral Areas (LPAs). At the time, LPA 15 (or the Altrincham Pastoral Area as it is now called by its members) consisted of four parishes, Holy Angels in Hale Barns, St Vincentís in Altrincham, St Hugh of Lincoln in West Timperley, and St John the Baptist in Timperley Village. Following the amalgamation of St Hughís and St Johnís parishes on 8th June 2009, there are now just three.  

The map shown above marks out the parish boundaries, and further information about the other two parishes can be obtained from their respective websites.